Traffic Survival School are  weekend classes and are 8 hours.

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Lowest Priced Traffic Survival School Classes = $125.00

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Traffic Survival School classes are designed to reach individuals who have exhibited a disregard for traffic laws and the safety of others. The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) believes mandating violators to attend school will improve motorists' attitudes towards safe driving. TSS is required by MVD and must be attended within 60 days of the “Date Action Begins” found on the MVD Corrective Action Letter you received or your license will be suspended. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the eight hour class.

How much does it cost to attend Traffic Survival School? 

Our TSS classes cost $125.00. Any time, any location.

Why would I need to attend Traffic Survival School?

  • Any DUI– Driving Under the Influence charge to include Extreme DUI and Aggravated DUI.
  • If you have received an out of State citation that requires you to take a TSS class.
  • Under age (under 18) driver violation
  • Court Order
  •  Red Light Violation- If you have a red light violation (28-645A3A, 28-645A3B, or 28-645A3C) and you pay the fine instead of attending a defensive driving class, you will be ordered by the MVD to attend a Traffic Survival School.Keep in mind that by attending Traffic Survival School, the points will not be removed from your driving record.
  •  Any other 8 Point Violation such as Reckless Driving, Aggressive Driving, and Racing
  • If you have received 8-12 points on your driving record within 1 year. This applies to anyone within a 12 month rolling period from the first violation.

What is the difference between Traffic Survival School and Defensive Driving School?

Traffic Survival School is for individuals who have already pled guilty by paying a fine and have had points assessed to their driving record, and received a letter from MVD mandating a TSS class.  Defensive Driving is for individuals who received a ticket and want to attend a class to have the citation dismissed and no points assessed to their driving record.

Corrective Action Notice

Driver's License or valid photo ID

Money Order or Cashier's Check 

made  out to Crash and Learn LLC

Arrive 15 minutes before class 
to sign in.

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Traffic Survival School (TSS)

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