Privacy policy:

Crash and Learn LLC does not under any circumstance sell or share any of your information.  As part of our licensing by the Arizona Supreme Court, Administrative Office of the Court and the Defensive Driving Program our commitment is 100% accuracy in our data processing and reporting to the Arizona Courts.  In order to determine eligibility and register students we must obtain basic personal information.  We retain your information by law for 3 years.  Paper records are stored in a secure environment for 3 years by law.  This applies to class conducted online or in a classroom setting.  Your information will not be released or shared with anyone or any group unless we are required by law to comply with a valid legal requirement such as a law, federal or state regulation, search warrant, subpoena, and/or court order.

Refund Policy: 

Crash and Learn LLC, has established a student payment and refund policy in compliance with the State of Arizona Supreme Court Defensive Driver Training Diversion Program.  Crash and Learn LLC does not accept prepayment of any student classes fees.  All students will be required to pay the class fee in full on the day of their schedule class.  Payment of class fees will be accepted in person at the time the student checks in prior to the class.  Crash and Learn only accepts Money Orders or Cashier’s Checks for the full amount of the class.  We do not accept cash, checks, credit/debit cards.  Students not having the required full amount for the class will not be able to attend and will be required to register and attend another class in the future.  The class fee includes the Court Diversion Fee, State Fee, State Surcharge Fee, and the Crash and Learn Fee.

Fees will be refunded if:
Crash and Learn accepts pre-payment of class fees however the student has not started the class and has chosen not to reschedule to another class.  The student must give at least 24 hour notice prior to the start of their scheduled class that they will not be attending.

An officer fails to file a citation with a court and the cited person attends a defensive driving course for that citation.  Upon notification by the jurisdictional court, Crash and Learn will verify with the Arizona Supreme Court division staff a refund is requested.  Upon written approval from division staff, Crash and Learn shall refund the court diversion fee, state fee, and state surcharge fee to the student.

A citation is dismissed by a jurisdictional court on its own motion, for technical problems not correctable under civil traffic rules of court.

Refunds will be mailed directly to the student within 30 days upon notification the student will not attend a course or 30 days after the scheduled defensive driving course, whichever is first.  Refunds will be sent by check payable to the student.  However, at its discretion, a court may direct refunds of a court diversion fee to the student, or may direct Crash and Learn to forward the fee to the court for a bond or other amount due the court, up to the amount of the default for the citation.

Fees will NOT be refunded if:
 The student begins the defensive driving class but fails to complete it.  Failing to complete means the student left voluntarily, for whatever reason, prior to the completion of the course.  Also, if the student involuntarily leaves or is discharged from the class for unacceptable behavior or failure to adhere to the class guidelines set forth by Crash and Learn LLC and/or the State of Arizona Supreme Court laws, guidelines, and policies of the Defensive Driver Court Diversion Program. The student attends the class but the violation was ineligible to be removed under the Defensive Driver Diversion Program.
The student was ineligible to attend.