"The instructor was very knowledgeable in the information and had a great sense of humor." - Richard - 1/6/2019 class

"Raymond was very understanding and helpful with my questions and concerns prior and during the process." - Erin - 1/6/2019

"Instructor was clear, audible and very knowledgeable.  He also answered all questions precisely." No name provided - 1/6/2019

"Found the class surprisingly interesting!  Thank you for all the facts and your perspective in insurance claims.  I learned a ton today." - Jessica - 1/6/2019

"I learned a lot and instructor used appropriate humor which made the class no so boring.- Kelly - 1/6/2019

“Interesting and Entertaining." - No name provided - 1/6/2019

"Yes good information and went by quickly." - Shane - 1/6/2019

"You were excellent and this class has informed me on a lot I did not know.  Very appreciated!" - Priscilla - 1/6/2019

"It was very helpful." ​- No name provided - 1/6/2019

"Really helpful class.  Learned a lot!" - C.M. - 1/6/2019

 "Very Helpful." - No name provided - 1/6/2019